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Thomas Campbell’s My Big TOE

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I have enjoyed watching this seminar by Thomas Campbell, the author of “My Big TOE”, TOE meaning theory of everything. Campbell is the physicist mentioned in Bob Monroe’s books. He helped Bob set up the Monroe Institute research. A few things I find rather refreshing about listening to Campbell’s views-

– He is rational.

– He knows that a real TOE must include consciousness.

– He understands that all spiritual techniques, meditation techniques,and so called healing arts techniques are non-literal training wheel ways of directing intent (I tried unsuccessfully to explain this to my friends for years, they still believe in their fantasy techniques).

– He has had numerous OBEs on the level of those described by Monroe and he believes in them. He claims to have tested his own OBEs and confirmed their reality. He at least seems believable and quite passionate about what he is saying. In this final clip at 8 minutes he encourages people to test their OBEs to confirm that they are not just fooling themselves.

Still I am puzzled to no end why people who make claims of veridical proficiency cannot just commit themselves to proper experimentation to document the reality of their perceptions. I reject the notion that proof is unattainable. This leaves me highly skeptical of any such claims such as “I proved it to myself but I can’t prove it to you.”

I still consider it likely that the OBE is as Michale Raduga says- a journey into ones own subconscious mind. But this does not say it is not real. I have yet to see verifiable evidence retrieved from this state.

I posted this before watching the following clip. I think this is a very meaningful and courageous statement made by Campbell. He certainly walks his talk of not being afraid.He explains here how the NDE or DE is an intermediate frame where the powers that be will tell you any little story you need to make you feel better while you transition. It may be sad for some to hear that the loved ones met are “virtual” people and not what they seem to be.


In a Nutshell

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The following videos are priceless, encapsulating the very essence of the debate over the NDE. A greater concentration of veridical claims in one room never have I witnessed before and a drama by an NDEr who clearly doesn’t want to be alive. My favorite parts are when the NDEr laughs to herself when the camera happens to be on her as someone suggests the experience was not on the up and up. And the part where the audience cheers at the idea that the whole experience is a product of nothing but the dying brain. A show like this can occur in the UK but not here in America. In the UK people tend not to favor religion, though they are very much into new agey things. In America the audience of a show like this would never reveal overt skepticism or negativity towards religious claims and they would tend to use the experiences to support their Christian fundamentalism. Put down whatever you are doing and watch. Pay very close attention to the first video at the 6:55 mark.




Its All Just a Phase

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I am almost done reading the phase (OBE) book by Michael Raduga. There are several interesting observations he makes which I will include.

First I want to note the two times I can remember where I was actually in what he would call “the phase” ( a term which includes lucid dreams, OBE’s, alien abductions, and NDEs). The one was the meeting with the guides I have written about. The other happened when I was probably 4 or 5 years old in California. It was so realistic that it was impossible to discern from reality. I was sitting in front of a fold out table in our camper in the Sierras somewhere probably. My dad, brother and uncle were there. It was dusk, My mom was cutting my steak into tiny cubes so I could eat it the way she always did then. I knew the environment was a bit surreal at first, but as my vision honed in on the steak it appeared perfectly lifelike, as did the camper and everything else. I can’t remember if I ate any of it. My dad, brother and uncle decided to go running through the terrain at dusk- an event which never would have happened, proving that this experience was not a waking state. They were excited and all the conversation was perfectly natural. They went outside and started running and I was jealous I was too young to follow them. It was entirely lifelike, not like a dream. Next I remember glancing over the foothills silhouetted at dusk and there were two enormous flowers, like those from a child’s coloring book (daisies) sprouting from the mountain (hundreds of feet tall). I looked at it and thought something like, “weird that doesn’t look real at all, but everything else seems perfectly real.” I have always maintained this memory because for years I could not tell whether this actually happened or not. Now I realize it was in “the phase”. It was a dream that was so entirely realistic that it was not discernible from reality apart from the impossible imagery. There were probably others I just can’t remember.

Raduga states:

“If the first experience with the phase phenomenon

happens by accident, it is almost impossible not to interpret it as a

real separation of the soul from the body – a physical exit. This is

how the initial phase experience really feels. With experience it

becomes easily noticeable that certain things in reality do not match

things in the phase, like the placement of objects or furniture in the

house where a phase is first encountered. No actual physical exit from the body has ever been proven through scientific experimentation and observation. For example, in

the phase, it is not possible to fly around to locations in physical

world, although it may seem so, the locations that are experienced are

produced within the mind. Nor is it possible to pinch someone in the

phase and then to find a bruise on the person while in reality.”

Assume that the phase state is just an exceptionally unusual state

of brain and that perception within it is no more than an unusually

realistic play of its functions. Assume that a practitioner in the phase

decides to travel to a forest…….

The brain creates a hyper-realistic space superior to that of everyday

reality, consisting of millions of blades of grass, leaves, hundreds of

trees, and a multitude of sounds. Each blade of grass has depth and

build, not just a point. Each leaf also consists of component parts. A

unique, natural pattern makes up the bark of each tree.

Suddenly, a wind begins to blow through the forest, and millions

of leaves and blades of grass, following a mathematical model of the

propagation of air masses, begin oscillating in a wavelike fashion.

Thus, a certain resource inside us is capable in mere seconds not only

of creating millions of details in the desired scene, but also to control

each of those details individually!….

No computer, however powerful, is capable of similar


All in all, in order to approach knowing the

whole of the information available in the phase, personal knowledge

capacity would need to increase by 100 or even 1,000 times…..

The only information that is not available in the phase is that

about which the subconscious mind does not have any preliminary


Why have we been lied to

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The case of “Pam Reynolds” is a scam and a lie. She was demonstrably nowhere near standstill when her OBE began. The propagation of the mythology of the Pam Reynolds case by the those like Michael Sabom is simply negligent. It has been known all along that the OBE/NDE did not happen anywhere near the standstill procedure. Surprisingly, we have been lied to all this time. Outright. Knowingly.

The Pam Reynolds case was but a simple case of a woman having an OBE during anesthesia nowhere near standstill. This is not unprecedented. People become aware during anesthesia by the thousands each year. There remain some extremely interesting facts surrounding her ability to correctly identify some elements of the procedure, but it is not at all justified to say that it is impossible to have happened without an actual out of body perception.

Including this, Keith Augustine with his 2008 update goes into detail about cases of NDE OBE which describes things inaccurately in the environment just as sleep OBEs do. They seem to be the same experience. I strongly doubt that Parnia will find a single person who even sees that there is a sign above the OR, leave alone seeing what it actually is.

The Phase

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onsite2.JPG I am all “wee-wee’d up” about a recent discovery I made in researching OBE’s. This guy to the left is from Russia and his name is Michael Raduga. He is a master OBEr, “Founder of the School of Out-of-Body Travel”,  travelling lecturer, and get this………………………………

He does not believe that OBEs are real. He thinks they are all “in ones mind”. This is the first person I have ever heard of who has really mastered this thing and come to the conclusion that it is all in his mind. He states on his website that for the first two years he explored the OBE state he was convinced it was proof of the afterlife. After two years, and after doing all sorts of experimentation he came to the personal conclusion that it *probably* is not. He seems to be open to the possibility that there may be something of consciousness that may be out of body, but he refers to his classic OBE states as “simulations”. Meetings with deceased loved ones? “Simulations”. Visitations by extraterrestrials? “Simulations”. He believes that NDEs, alien abduction and all the rest are identical “simulations”.  Needless to say, he can’t see target locations or items.

Funny just a day or two ago I wrote that I have never heard of someone who was adept at this who didn’t believe it. Now I have.

This guy comes across as sharp as a tack. Unfortunately, I think that he might have the wrong business plan. If he wants to sell books and lectures he needs to say “this is all REAL!!!!”

You can view his website or read the excellent online book he has written:

“The practice of phase states of the mind is the hottest and most promising pursuit of the modern age. Unlike in the past, the notions of “out-of-body travel” and “astral projection” have already lost their mystical halo, and their real basis has been studied in minute detail from the most non-nonsense approach.”

Recently I have found myself trying to come up with materialistic explanations for the claims of NDErs seeing things accurately out of body. I find myself seriously asking “how did Mrs. Z cheat exactly?”. We have only a few possibilities as follows:

a.) All OBEs are mental simulations and have nothing to do with the observable world. All accounts of veridical sight are fabricated, embellished or fraudulent.

b.) OBEs are generally just hyper-realistic dreams, but there is a certain psi component that occasionally allows one to see the physical environment clearly, like miss Z, Maria and her shoe, Pim van Lommel’s denture patient,  Pam Reynolds, etc.

c.) dream state OBEs are dreams and death state OBEs are real.

What else? I find c almost impossible to believe because very many NDE OBEs are described identically as sleep state OBEs with roaring sounds, popping out of the head and so on. One possibility is that the emotional vibrancy and alertness surrounding the death experience enhances clarity and increases the focus and likelihood that the experiencer actually sees something in the environ clearly. It could be that someone like miss Z is an exceptionally rare person who can actually see. I doubt it. Seems that the odds of Charles Tart’s random baby sitter somehow just happens to be the only person ever to live who can actually verify the act of seeing out of body is either an astronomically improbable event, a miracle designed by the powers on high who intentionally made sure she disappeared, or a bunch of bullshit. I suspect the latter, strongly.

As for the letter choices, I am so very tempted to go with a. But a handful of accounts seem so compelling that I can’t completely give up the possibility that some aspect of it is real. I suppose when Sam Parnia converts to atheism in a year or two after his study is published, we will be closer to an answer.

OBE Abduction Experiences

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mack I’ve been watching videos by John E. Mack, the late Harvard professor and Pulitzer prize winner who was virtually outcasted from academia due to his obsession with alien abductions and UFO’s. He was ultimately hit and killed by a drunk driver.

I don’t believe in alien visitations, but some of his case studies are very interesting. I believe the bulk of his work comes from reports of people in dream states at night, and hypnosis which again I tend strongly not to believe in. The interesting cases are those which supposedly happened in plain sight during the day, but those are rare.

What I find most striking about these stories, is how incredibly obvious it is that they are OBEs. I am not the first to realize that “alien abductions” are a subclass of OBE. The OBE author William Buhlman is outspoken about the idea. The typical accounts I saw browsing youtube today occurred in sleep, almost always involved a very powerful paralysis, often involved floating sensations, a bright light with no point source, and many even involve meeting light beings which exude unconditional love.

D.J. Groethe, the atheistic materialist at Point of Inquiry related an experience on a recent show where he had a classic alien abduction/obe experience where he saw a little creature in his room. He knew that if he didn’t know about these experiences he may very well mistake this for some sort of alien encounter.

What is the ontological status of these beings? One thing we know is, they sure are convincing. I have never seen accounts of people who have lucid OBEs on a regular basis and walk around telling everyone that they aren’t real in some profound way. The tie between OBEs and abductions is obvious, but I wonder if John Mack realized it.

Get a load of this weird video that illustrates my point at the 5 minute mark:

I asked this guy why he could not see a playing card or read a number OOB. He wrote something about how astral vision was different. At least he was honest. OBErs can’t see the physical world at all. I’m sure they’ve all tried numerous times.

Vibrations debunked! Hemisync

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Recently I have been experimenting with the Monroe Institute Gateway recordings. They are similar to guided meditations and use hemisync  and white noise to guide one through the states of consciousness. I expected nothing the first time I tried it, but was absolutely astonished to find that it got me to the same point of awaking fully conscious in the sleep state as I had described before. Second time I tried it, it worked again. It is semi-cheezy, but it works. When you let yourself drift off, the white noise and hemisync will switch across speakers in your ear phones and grab your attention. You will wake to full consciousness while your body is in a sleep state. You can then explore the interesting states of consciousness in that twilight zone.

Last night I noticed around 4 am that there was a subtle vibration. It travels throughout my house and I realized after a couple of minutes looking around, sitting up in bed, that it wasn’t the OBE vibration I had originally thought it was. Disappointed, and embarrassed, I am forced to come clean about it in the post. I am not sure what is causing the vibration but suspect it involves the furnace under the house. Waa waa waa waaaaa….. It may indeed be that one must needs be hypnotically suggestible to experience the OBE.