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The perils of actually believing your scriptures

Posted in Gay & Lesbian Issues, Religion on November 1, 2009 by jackpot12

I believe most Christians in America today would denounce those who hold up signs about God hating fags. I like the statement in this video, its okay to have a fifth grade view of god as long as you are in the fifth grade.

What Christians deny is that their scriptures were written from a fifth grade perspective, or even less. A bright modern fifth grader knows more about the universe and the nature of planet earth than the scriptural authors from millennia past describing the “4 corners”. What they deny in their never ending capacity for self-deception and politically correct denialism, is that their modern view of “god” constructed by post-modernism, pluralism, civil rights, modern cosmology, and a computer with instant access to virtually any piece of knowledge garnered through history a mere 2 seconds away (and a painfully long 2 seconds), did not come about by reading their scriptures more closely or understanding their scriptures more thoroughly. It came about by ignoring large swathes of their scriptures outright and reinterpreting vast tracts of it to their own liking to avoid the pain of cognitive dissonance, and the alienation from their peers.

Did you catch that masterfull piece of editing – the man reading a passage from the bible “they shall be put to death, their blood is upon them”, and then an immediate cut to a black woman who says “I am going to read the passage very differently than someone who might be white male and straight.”

Right, there is soooo much room for symbolic reinterpretation here. They didn’t *really* mean it did they?

Why an educated modern uses the Western religions as a basis for their spiritual inquiry to this day baffles me. There is way better available now. We in the civilized world are a more advanced and moral people as a whole, despite not having a universally accepted national religious institution to help us justify our exploitation of others. The Eastern religions are vastly better as a whole than the Western, which is not to deny them of their silly superstitions (and not to deny that some Christian mystics reached the same conclusions).

These archaic Western religions are a cage for intellect. The reason people still use them as their spiritual base is fear and cultural imperative. Anyone who has read the old testament with any degree of belief was shaking in their boots at the capricious and whimsical wrath of the LORD. For those who grew up under the tyranny of this imaginary being, it is a leap of courage to just consider dismissing the slave driver. Particularly when the LORD’s son was so much nicer of a guy.

These people carrying signs in this video are surely being more true to the letter of their scriptures than the liberal Christianists who stopped being honest about what their scriptures actually say long ago. No matter how tolerant, pluralistic and modern Christians become, their scriptures remain printed the same way in the same book for all to inspect. And when they brave a wade through the passages of Leviticus and see that indeed, in no uncertain or symbolic terms whatsoever god *does* hate fags, I wonder when it will finally give them pause. I wonder when they will finally give it up and move on. To stand on one’s own feet and realize that you are more moral, more enlightened than your own god, your own tradition. And no amount of mental gymnastics or cross-eyed reading is going to magically make those scriptures fit into what you have become.