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My Amazing (Precog?) Brain Clock

Posted in psi with tags , on January 12, 2010 by jackpot12


There have been several occasions over the years where I have awoken right before my alarm clock went off. I can’t remember the last time the alarm woke me up by itself. I often awaken just seconds before the alarm and it has happened so many times that I have declared myself to have an amazing internal clock counting time somewhere in my brain.

But something really amazing happened this morning. I came out of a sleep cycle like I often do about 5:10am. I know this because I reach for my iphone and checked the time to see how much I have left. I cannot see my alarm clock from my vantage point and even if I could the numbers are completely darkened so the time is invisible. I knew I had about 50 minutes left until the buzzer. I went back to sleep, and at some point I realized that it must be time to wake up and I literally counted down laying in bed without any access to a clock, 2…1… and bonk bonk bonk bonk. It was astounding. I did not intentionally count the numbers down waiting for the alarm to go off. Instead it was a dream state and I actually heard myself count down as if observing the internal clock. I simply knew somehow the exact timing of the alarm.

I have always wondered what mechanism can be so accurate in the brain. I am a very punctual person. I am always on time to everything. I hate when others are not on time, and they usually are not. But what if the whole thing somehow taps into the same precognitive effect as the psi app I got results on? Just as the phone makes an obnoxious buzzing when the right box is pressed, the alarm makes an obnoxious and dreadful sound when it goes off, signifying the abrupt end of my sense of peace and personal freedom (always roughly a half hour before my body and mind are biologically prepared to wake up).

A good psi experiment might be to get light sleepers like me and measure their skin conductance right before an alarm goes off during sleep. The alarm could be set at odd unexpected hours for the subjects so they can’t biologically time the incidence.

I must say my countdown was eerily precise. To the quarter second. It quite astonished me.