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My Amazing (Precog?) Brain Clock

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There have been several occasions over the years where I have awoken right before my alarm clock went off. I can’t remember the last time the alarm woke me up by itself. I often awaken just seconds before the alarm and it has happened so many times that I have declared myself to have an amazing internal clock counting time somewhere in my brain.

But something really amazing happened this morning. I came out of a sleep cycle like I often do about 5:10am. I know this because I reach for my iphone and checked the time to see how much I have left. I cannot see my alarm clock from my vantage point and even if I could the numbers are completely darkened so the time is invisible. I knew I had about 50 minutes left until the buzzer. I went back to sleep, and at some point I realized that it must be time to wake up and I literally counted down laying in bed without any access to a clock, 2…1… and bonk bonk bonk bonk. It was astounding. I did not intentionally count the numbers down waiting for the alarm to go off. Instead it was a dream state and I actually heard myself count down as if observing the internal clock. I simply knew somehow the exact timing of the alarm.

I have always wondered what mechanism can be so accurate in the brain. I am a very punctual person. I am always on time to everything. I hate when others are not on time, and they usually are not. But what if the whole thing somehow taps into the same precognitive effect as the psi app I got results on? Just as the phone makes an obnoxious buzzing when the right box is pressed, the alarm makes an obnoxious and dreadful sound when it goes off, signifying the abrupt end of my sense of peace and personal freedom (always roughly a half hour before my body and mind are biologically prepared to wake up).

A good psi experiment might be to get light sleepers like me and measure their skin conductance right before an alarm goes off during sleep. The alarm could be set at odd unexpected hours for the subjects so they can’t biologically time the incidence.

I must say my countdown was eerily precise. To the quarter second. It quite astonished me.


Persinger Claims to Demonstrate Telepathy in Lab

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God Helmet

Michael Persinger is most well known for developing an electromagnetic helmet (above modeled by Skeptic Michael Shermer) which stimulates the temporal lobe and apparently increases mystical feelings and sensations in *some* people. Persinger is a self proclaimed materialist who believes the brain generates all human experience and all human experience depends on the brain. Yet Persinger believes that he has demonstrated a telepathic macro-psi phenomenon (suspected by some to be “quantum entanglement”) which demonstrates connections between two separated people surrounded by magnetic fields. A light is shined in one subject’s eyes and the other subject’s brain responds in sync in a statistically significant way.

I think it is fascinating that when given a postulated mechanism such as entanglement, it opens the door to materialists to “see” psi in their studies without having to fold to dualism. In my own personal esp experiment using my iphone app I am now at 8400 trials with a p value of .01 which is significant and pretty much inline with other psi experiences of this nature. I have not cheated or miscounted, and I have used the app trying to use my intuition to do the *opposite* of what it was designed to test for because it works better that way and it thwarts any possible rigging of the game (in other words, I am trying to not pick the right box more often than chance and occasionally I mix it up and try to pick the right box, specifying before each round which way I am attempting.) My plan was to get to 10,000 and see if I am still significant. I have been as low as .001 and recently was at .007 before hitting a bad streak and going back to .019. I’ll post my final result soon.

What are we to make of psi if real? Does it prove anything at all? Some say no. I say yes. I doubt quantum entanglement explains it. Even weirder, I think it goes independent of time (so does Persinger). It involves not only a person’s awareness, but it seems to be exacerbated and tied into the sharpness of the emotional state. All these attributes would open some pretty interesting doors of possibility and create a lot of questions such as why it works so poorly and infrequently and why some are better than others at it.

My objection to the “quantum entanglement” idea stems from what I have read from scientists skeptical of psi. They say that entanglement is such a small and fleeting situation in complex macro objects like human brains that there is no way any meaningful entanglement could take place which would account for psi. I suspect telepathy is real and I hope that it has something to do with something other than quantum entanglement (which would just be a newfangled form of mechanistic materialism).

In this interview Persinger discusses  these things and even gives his thoughts on NDEs and his belief that EEGS only measure surface activity and do not capture the other deeper stuff going on in the brain during the proverbial flatline. I still don’t know what to make of the EEG debate other than the fact that a.) Pam Reynolds NDE is hype and b.) We don’t know enough about what is going on *during* the NDE to say one way or the other whether conscious experiences “should” be possible during these states.

I wish more empirical scientists were like Persinger. Materialists confirming psi experiments may be the quickest route to public acceptance.

On a ridiculous note, I had my first OBE lucid dream two nights ago. It was a very lucid dream, a dream that I was having an OBE. No vibrations or separation. I was not perfectly aware. I just remember being excited and saying, “wow I finally did it”, then jumping up and down on my bed and running through walls. I didn’t fly. I remember walking around the neighborhood (which looked nothing like my neighborhood) and then encountering some dogs who saw me and barked at me. I remember thinking “how can they see me even though I am out of body?”. It was a very fun time, despite its absurdity. I have not actually tried to go OOB for weeks, it just happened.

I highly recommend the interview.

Skeptico interview

Stuck in the Guf

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intuitionI included my friend Kathy in the intuition study weeks ago. She believes in radical natural pregnancy and had no ultrasounds and a home birth. With her first pregnancy she had several dreams it was a girl and it was a boy. With this one she had a strong intuition it was a girl.  I agreed to add the outcome to the study about 2 weeks ago. She delivered last night and it was a girl.

Cherry Popping Psi

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Ray Hymen, the crusty old magician who took on Charles Honorton in the 80’s over psi research is back at it. In this interview at point of inquiry, Ray comes out briefly against the dishonesty and naivete of some of his fellow skeptic friends. He says he is very confident there is nothing to psi, but my spidey sense tells me he is not really sure.

Skeptics recently replicated a psi precognition experiment which has now been replicated several times by independent labs (see radin’s google talk) and seems to have surpassed the ganzfeld as the great white(father) hope of proving psi to skeptics.

I find it fascinating that there are psi researchers who believe in it, yet are abandoning the field because they have become convinced that it is not possible to adequately prove the phenomenon to skeptics no matter how much experimentation is done.

I believe that if psi is real, it is exacerbated by emotional effects. The times in my life where I thought there were eerie synchronicities that may have had to do with psi, there was generally unusual emotion involved. The precog experiment which seems to work involves graphic pictures meant to draw an emotional response.

My advice to Dean Radin-  Hook people up to a tazer and prove this shit once and for all. Once he wins the Nobel prize everyone will forgive his lack of ethics.

The Official PSICOPS

The Official PSICOPS

Guess the next card asshole or I'll shoot!

Guess the next card asshole or I'll shoot!

Dean Radin Strikes Again

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Believe or I'll kick your ass!

Believe or I'll kick your ass!

When I first read Radin’s “Conscious Universe” I was blown away  by the seemingly overwhelming evidence for psi. I remember my first encounter with Pat being an argument about the significance of these findings. He talked me out of being overly accepting of Radin’s arguments though claiming to be 99% sure we survive physical death himself. An interesting position.

But then there are the die-hard skeptics. Why do so many people refuse to believe? Not being a statistician I can’t tell anything about the data other than the fact that they are largely ignored by very bright people, many of whom I greatly admire.  Is the body of evidence ignored because of bias, or because there really isn’t anything there?

Sam Harris, my most beloved defender of reason has been attacked and ridiculed in the atheist community for being open minded about psi and even evidence for reincarnation. I consider Sam to be one of the clearest thinkers I’ve witnessed. He knows that the skeptic arguments are tinged with unreasonable bias, but does not fully accept the conclusions offered by people like Radin.

Dean is a giant in the field of psi research

Dean is a giant in the field of psi research

After trying to defend the existence of psi for years, partly because it built up my preconceived vision of a spiritual universe, I was left unsatisfied by the evidence. I could never fully convince myself of its existence, and over time I lost interest in the question because I realized that no amount of experimentation was going to solve the question satisfactorily as long as people far more knowledgeable so solidly dismissed it.  Even if I was a statistician and had time to go through the numbers myself, I still wouldn’t know. The sketchy behavior and demeanor of those who claimed these experiences didn’t help convince me either. I would far rather hang out with atheistic scientists and philosophers than spiritualists and your typical NDEer…. even if I KNEW we survived death.

So Dean Radin gave this talk for the people at Google, going through the evidence. There is some interesting new data since I last checked. Apparently Radin’s talk became the most heavily discussed Google talk so far. It would seem that among the younger generation there is less immediate dismissal of such ideas than the older generation. Many in the audience found their heads spinning as they questioned. You could imagine them thinking, “This is such amazing evidence, what is it he’s not telling us, because if it were really this solid everyone would believe it… what is WRONG with this data? There must be something, even if I have no idea what it is.”

I didn’t plan on watching the entire hour and a half. But I did. Credit to Radin for a superb defense of his work.

Imbedding is prohibited, watch here.